Re-Elect County Council President Bud Otis

I know the importance of meeting a payroll. I volunteered for the community.
I was Chief of Staff for our local Congressman for twelve years. In Washington,
I successfully worked with both Democrats and Republicans.Respect and good
manners never go out of style.

As a Council Member at Large and Council President since December 2014,
I have provided sound leadership by listening to the concerns of all residents,
by seeking expert advice, and by always striving to do what is best
for all citizens in Frederick County.

My Mission

Here is a summary of the things that matter most to me.


When Elected in 2014 County Executive Jan Gardener and I had a
discussion on taxes over the 4 years ahead of us

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Frederick County has over 17,000 Veterans living and working in our Communities.

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why I became an Independent

I felt I was elected to serve the citizens of Frederick County to find ways to make sure our county

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One of the top things your fellow citizen complain about is having to
deal with congestion

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Providing funding for Education is one of the most important responsibilities of County Government.

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Challenges of the future

Affordable housing is a Hugh problem face our county. We..

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latest news

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Governing through Compromise and Negotiation

Well, what we see in Washington, DC now is quite different from the days of President Ronald Reagan, a courageous man who used his personal wit and intelligence to keep the Office of the President a respected seat, not simply of power, but of positive influence and dignity.

Labor Council Endorsement

Dear Bud,
Congratulations on earning labor’s endorsement for the Generatl Election! On September 24, 2018…

Perspective and Purpose

Over the past few months, it has become crystal clear to me that personal values, principles and determination are critically important when faced with various levels of opposition.

Labor Day Thank You

The first Labor Day occurred in 1882 in New York City.  The landscape of the conditions at that time for laborers was in many ways dangerous and the average workweek was 70 hours, seven days a week